Will NFL playoffs be filled with yards, points?

NFL Playoffs

Will NFL playoffs be filled with yards, points?
Football Newsday > Sports > Football Will NFL playoffs be filled with yards, points? Originally published: January 5, 2012 4:32 PM Updated: January 5, 2012 5:55 PM By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS From opening night until New Year's Day, Aaron Rodgers, …
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Bigger, faster tight ends pace NFL playoff teams
But as we enter the second season – the NFL playoffs, which start with two games today – people should be screaming about the lockup of defensive players. With helmet-to-helmet penalties being called without real guidelines and quarterbacks protected …
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NFL Playoffs: The Los Angeles Offensive to Nothing Super Bowl Worthy
And now, as the playoffs have taken off, nothing has changed or stalled or varied. A town of transplants and locals—all together too full of angst to succumb to the righteous nature of the NFL playoffs—were, again, too busy to care about what was …
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NFL playoff picture: Giants win NFC East; Ravens claim AFC North and a first
The New York Giants won their way into the NFL playoffs Sunday night, beating the Dallas Cowboys to seize the NFC East crown at the end of a day in which two AFC teams lost their way into the postseason field. The Giants got three touchdown passes from …
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