The more things change…Carolina RailHawks power past FC Tampa Bay 3-1


282-365 year2 One For Hansan And Lawrenson To Debate
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Take a photo every day in 2010
A grey dark October day that was perfect for testing my 7D. I was interested how it would perform in continuous shooting mode, how it recorded action in poor light, and how clear are the players on the other side of a football pitch and then relate the findings to a cricket ground in July or August. Naturally the camera came through with flying colours, I took multi sequence shots of corners and selected the best action, and some attacking plays, I was pleased to review the build up to a goal after the opposition appealed that the scorer was offside, the referees decision was correct, although he didn’t ask me for a referral. At the time I didn’t notice anything strange about this shot but while reviewing on the pc I then realised it’s a two footed tackle, which would receive an instant red card in any professional game. Here the ref gave nothing more than a free kick the game carried on without any over the top protests from the opposition.

This Time Last Year
I was "Lipsmackin’ Thirstquenchin’ Acetastin’ Motivatin’ Goodbuzzin’ Cooltalkin’ Highwalkin’ Fastlivin’ Evergivin’ Coolfizzin’…"

The more things change…Carolina RailHawks power past FC Tampa Bay 3-1
WAKEMED SOCCER PARK / CARY — Old met new Saturday evening when the Carolina RailHawks hosted FC Tampa Bay, Carolina’s first home match in three weeks. More precisely, the game and scene around WakeMed Soccer Park served as evidence of how far the RailHawks have come in less than a year.
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AGING GRACEFULLY: Sloane Wallace Stadium (Part II in a series)
WATERLOO, Iowa — One by one, the lights along Fifth Street blinked to green, guiding Waterloo East’s team bus on a runway to game night.
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Big fight
The Champ: Rolls Royce with a racket — smooth, classy, regal, a winner all the way. All classy strokes and silken charm. And oh-so-Swiss, like the best chocolates.
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Inbox: Which prospect will be called up next?
Inbox: Which prospect will be called up next?
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