South Africa vs Australia – extraordinary day 2 recap

australia in south africa 2011

South Africa vs Australia – extraordinary day 2 recap
Sensational over for Australia after lunch. Not finished there, Watto knocked over Smith for an unremarkable 37 followed by Prince, and South Africa were 5/73 with Watson on a hat-trick with 4-11. Boucher, with green pock marks all over his Gun and …
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Nationalism Replaces Crisis as Biggest Threat to Metal Supply: Commodities
“If I was having this discussion a year ago I would be hard pressed beyond talking about Zimbabwe and possibly South Africa,” Ernst & Young's Russell said. “But now we easily jump from country to country.” In South Africa, mining companies have said a …
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Australia passes landmark carbon price laws
By James Grubel CANBERRA (Reuters) – Australia passed landmark laws on Tuesday to impose a price on carbon emissions in one of the biggest economic reforms in a decade and injecting new impetus into December's global climate talks in South Africa. …
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La Nina weak for now but likely to strengthen – WMO
Slideshow GENEVA (Reuters) – La Nina, a weather phenomenon usually linked to heavy rains and flooding in Asia-Pacific and South America and drought in Africa, has re-emerged and is likely to persist into early 2012, the World Meterological Organization …
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