SA-Dakar Rally: Lavieille and Polato finished 7th with "Mitsubishi-Nissan".

Dakar Rally

SA-Dakar Rally: Lavieille and Polato finished 7th with "Mitsubishi-Nissan".
On Sunday, the French "Team Dessoude" took the start of the 2012 Dakar. Their menu for the coming days includes 8500 km of infernal tracks, dunes and all sorts of difficulties. Yesterday evening, in Santa Rosa de la Pampa, the Dessoude ship has been …

Gordon hopes to conquer new territory with win in Dakar Rally
Robby Gordon will compete in the Dakar Rally for the sixth-straight year as an owner-driver Sunday. Robby Gordon's multiple victories in different types of racing define him as one of the most versatile drivers in American history. …
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Dakar 2012 Stage 7
Goncalves plans to go for the top three in the second week of the rally. He´s only sitting six minutes behind fellow countryman Helder Rodrigues. Joan Barreda opened the day in third. He tried to close in on defending champ Marc Coma, but that didn´t …
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Tire troubles vex Robby Gordon in Dakar Rally: Autoweek TV
Also in this episode: 2011 was a good year for car sales, Michael Andretti goes to work for Donald Trump and Southern California classic-car enthusiasts celebrate the holidays with a drive. Welcome to a Thursday edition of Autoweek TV. …
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