Handicapping NFL PLAYOFFS: Picks of the Week

NFL Playoffs

Handicapping NFL PLAYOFFS: Picks of the Week
The smell (nasty) of baseball is in the air so that could only mean one thing: NFL PLAYOFFS! Just as I wrote that, I tried to think of my favorite Sports times of the year, and this definately is up there. Also ranking: March Madness, NHL/NBA playoffs …
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2012 NFL Playoffs: Predictions, Stats and Facts
The 2011-12 NFL playoffs are upon us, and it seems everybody is fighting to make their predictions stand out. I like to consider myself an aficionado when it comes to picking NFL playoff games, but this season I decided to do something a little …
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NFL Playoffs: What to Watch For in This Weekend's Wild Card Games
By Cameron Martin The beauty of the first two rounds of the NFL playoffs is that games take place on both Saturday and Sunday, meaning your duties as a husband, wife, parent, or student will now be neglected for two days and not just one. …
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NFL playoff party still way too far away from Tampa Bay
The loons who treat NFL playoff games as if Halloween had come again? Those should have been your buddies. That guy with yellow hair grinning at the idea of another postseason? That should have been you. It should have been Raymond James Stadium that …
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