Dillon Yacht Club finishes out 2012 sailing season

Sunday Sailing Makes the News
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Image by Donald Macleod
The first scheduled sailing of the ‘Isle of Lewis’ from Stornoway has attracted a lot of interest from the media.

Dillon Yacht Club finishes out 2012 sailing season
Last weekend's Mt. Elbert regatta took place the seventh week of the sailing season, and will be followed this weekend with the club's final Changing of the Colors regatta. Rick Norris on “Blue Streaker” won the Ensign Fleet with five points from four …
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Byrne Sails Back into Top Ten at Dragon Gold Cup
#dragongoldcup – The Royal St. George's Martin Byrne, Adam Winkelmann and Pedro Andrades are in ninth overall tonight after a strong race four today at the Dragon Gold Cup in Kinsale. Local challenger Cameron Good is now 13th overall and second …
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