Deadly Danger On the Field


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Image by terren in Virginia
SEVA Christmas Champs in Newport News, VA.

Deadly Danger On the Field
Some studies suggest that sudden cardiac death (SCD) in sports, while tragic, is a very rare event, but the reality is, these deaths are much more common than previously reported. And when it comes to your children, are you willing to take a chance?
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A feast for the senses
GET your stomachs ready, because Sundays in Samoa are all about eating.
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The You Docs: Three little words that make you healthier
Are you harboring a grudge? Maybe against the neighbor who sideswiped your mailbox and never fixed it? Or that ex who stomped all over your heart? Or the boss who laid you off?
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Elderly rehoused as workers go on strike
MORE than 100 elderly people housed at the Empilweni Old Age Home near Mthatha had to be moved to another shelter at the weekend after the home’s workers went on strike for a pay rise.
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