China scores "breakthrough" win on San Diego Bay

Race of China

China scores "breakthrough" win on San Diego Bay
But to China Team, Saturday afternoon's victory in the soggy second race of the prelims to San Diego Bay's stop on the America's Cup World Series tour is something to celebrate. “This gives us an awakening,” said China Team vice president Noelle …

Will Ed Lee Be a Mayor for SF Chinese?
SAN FRANCISCO – Ed Lee's anticipated win in Tuesday's mayoral race is a major milestone for Chinese voters, but not all members of the community are celebrating the victory as their own. For Daniel Li, a San Francisco resident who came to the United …
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Insight: Tibetans in China seek fiery way out of despair
They gave up their lives for the Tibetan race." In Daofu, a town of about 55000 people and the site of a previous self-immolation by a monk from the Nyitso monastery in mid-August, Tibetan clergy appeared conflicted about the act. …
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