Champ fails dope test


Cypriot Black Salt – Demitri’s Feast
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When asked if she knew where we could get some, our waitress claimed that the owner imported it from Cypress. Maybe she didn’t know that Hellenic Republic uses it too :)

A mineral worth its salt, by Helen Greenwood, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 13, 2010
Waimea Trading, 0409 219 280 (Cyprus Black sea salt)
Salt and Pepper
Cypriot Black Lava Salt
Its black color comes not from lava but from activated charcoal, reputedly a detoxifier, mixed with flakes of Mediterranean sea salt.

We came to see what the fuss was about with Demitri’s Feast being awarded The Age Cheap Eats’ 2010 Breakfast of the Year!

Suffice to say that it was very good, and we’ll be back!

It was rather quiet as expected at 09:30 Sunday morning, but started to get busy at around 10:30.

Demitri’s Feast
03 9428 8659
141 Swan Street
Richmond VIC 3121
Sorry – No bookings
Open breakfast and lunch
Tuesday to Sunday
7.30am to 5.00pm

Demitri’s Feast, RichmondThe Breakfast Blog Saturday, December 19, 2009
it’s hard to imagine anything better than the Baclava French Toast at Demitri’s Feast. Take a big fat slice of fresh Tsoureki. Dip in egg and fry till golden brown. Drizzle with yoghurt and orange-honey syrup. Sprinkle with blitzed walnuts and serve. Delicious.

Brekkies with bite, by Nina Rousseau, Epicure, The Age, February 23, 2010
Pull up an olive oil tin and feast on baklava French toast (), a Hellenic version of the classic dish with a Greek-style sweetbread topped with cinnamon-tossed walnuts, an orange honey-sugar syrup and citrusy yoghurt.

2010 Cheap Eats Champs, by Nina Rousseau, Epicure, The Age, February 23, 2010 – 7:12AM
Best Breakfast of the Year
Demitri’s Feast
You’ll be hard pressed to order just one of the inventive brekkies at this Hellenic hotspot. The baklava French toast rocks, but they also do good eggs, sage mushrooms and fancy semolina pancakes with a sprinkling of edible Persian rose petals.

Demitri’s FeastThe Melbourne Social Guide April 7, 2010

Demitri’s FeastMelbourne Coffee Review August 20, 2009

Champ fails dope test
THE already embattled sport of boxing has been rocked by a doping scandal involving Duncan Village-born Matima Molefe, the newly-crowned national featherweight champion.
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